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Amelia Starr

Amelia Starr is much more than what meets your eyes when you just see her. Unsurprisingly, her appearance is quite beguiling, and her beautifully demure exterior has probably saved her from situations, people, and experiences that could have been detrimental. Amelia is a wife, mother, health professional, entrepreneur, and published author! Her life is a testament to the adage, “Life is a concoction of tribulation and triumph, but if you get up more times than you fall… YOU will always be triumphant!” Although life takes us by surprise, it doesn’t have to shock us into the pits of despair. Amelia incessantly strives to be the best version of who she is destined to be! Unapologetically, she lives a fulfilling and happy life. With a name like Starr, she is destined to illuminate the world! When she is not serving her family and caring for patients, she serves as a star advocate for those who’ve been victimized by domestic violence. Additionally, she enjoys serene walks on the beach, meditation, and cozying up with a good book!

@facetsofastarr on IG and FB

Purifying Truths




 2022-11-09  40m