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episode 253: This Is Why Porn Is Abuse

It can be difficult to articulate why pornography is an abuse issue - but if you've experienced Image-Based Sexual Abuse, been betrayed by a porn user, or were exposed to pornography against your will, you clearly just know that pornography is abusive.

Christen Price from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is on the BTR.ORG podcast to clearly articulate why pornography, specifically Image-Based Sexual Abuse, is abusive. Tune in to the BTR.ORG podcast and read the full transcript below for more.

What Is Image-Based Sexual Abuse?

In general terms, Image-Based Sexual Abuse is a broad term that includes a wide range of harmful experiences involving the weaponization of sexual explicit or sexualized images or videos.Christen Price, NCOSE

Image-Based Sexual Abuse may include:

* Sextortion (threatening to share or post sexual recordings of a person against their consent in order to extort something from them)* Collecting, swapping, posting, and/or sharing sexual images or recordings of a person without their consent* Editing an image of a person to make it sexual, without their consent, and then sharing it* "Doxing," or publicly revealing the name and information of the sexually exploited person

This Is Why Porn Harms Everyone

Victims of sexual exploitation in the form of IBSA experience, first-hand, the abusiveness of the pornography industry. But at BTR.ORG, we understand that pornography is an abuse issue across the whole human spectrum.

[Image-Based Sexual Abuse is] what drives traffic to these sites and the whole industry, because it is an industry, it's a very profitable enterprise to exploit other people in this way. This obviously has implications even for the people who don't end up being portrayed on the websites. It really is abusive to people in general, especially women and girls because it's incompatible with their full equality in society if this is a way they can be portrayed with impunity, right? It has implications for everyone. Christen Price, NCOSE

BTR.ORG Is Here For You

If you have been a victim of Image-Based Sexual Abuse, you may be experiencing significant trauma. Christen shares:

Some of the ways that the trauma manifests for the people that are depicted includes high levels of anxiety, PTSD, depression, feelings of shame and humiliation, loss of trust and sexual agency, and the risk of suicide is very, very high.Christen Price, NCOSE

The BTR.ORG Group Sessions are a safe place to process your trauma and find community as you begin your journey to healing. Join today.

Full Transcript:

Anne (00:00):Welcome to BTR.ORG. This is Anne. I have Christen Price on today's episode. Christen serves as a Senior Legal Counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center. She now engages in legal advocacy to end impunity for all forms of sexual exploitation. In her role at NCOSE, Christen works to influence courts and legislatures toward protecting human dignity and equality on behalf of sexual exploitation survivors through legislative advocacy, litigation, and providing support to other attorneys, particularly with respect to sex trafficking, prostitution, child sex abuse, and pornography.


 2022-11-15  27m