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#158 - Same, Same but Different with Vanta and Zapier

Christina Cacioppo is the founder of Vanta and Wade Foster is the founder of Zapier. Vanta automates security and compliance for startups, while Zapier automates work by connecting with over 5,000 apps.

Same, Same but Different brings together two YC founders who will discuss a similar decision they made on their journey to building a growth-stage company. But like every journey, the path getting there and the results are unique to that startup.

Christina and Wade flipped the equation of a typical startup founder: instead of raising money to enable a certain amount of growth, they eliminated the assumption of fundraising, controlled their spend, and evaluated how to ramp up spending based on what the business was bringing in. Given the current state of public markets, this mindset is pertinent, and we’re excited to dive into how Christina and Wade have thought about funding from day one.

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 2022-07-07  59m