Good or Bad?

Every week host Kevin O'Brien and his panel of experts and friends pick a person, place, or thing, and through intelligent discussion determine if the subject is Good or Bad.


Episode 5 - Jobs (Agata Monica, Andy Kneis) LIVE!! 2016 UNEDITED!!! NO SPOILERS!!(FINAL)

What a treat the first ever LIVE episode of the show. We set up a special online viewing for previous guests so everything is unedited and unfiltered off the wall shit coming from me and my wonderful guests Agata Monica and Andy Kneis. These two help me and my LIVE listeners figure out if Jobs is good or bad and we discuss the MOVIE and the other movie and actual jobs and the ICON and theres a really fun segment with a list, all LIVE!!! SPOILER FREE!!<div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Follow Agata on twitter @echo_mint. She has a cool podcast called Trends with Benefits at <a href=""></a>&nbsp;its pretty swagged out. Andy Kneis said to say he is Steve Jobs son which is a lie and I think he has a real problem. Follow him on twitter @kneisage and check out his music and weird shit <a href="">here</a>.&nbsp;</div>


 2016-01-22  1h28m