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episode 11: MGoRadio 8.10: Good, I’m Not Crazy

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Featured Musician: Legume

The Video:

[After THE JUMP: What we said]


1. Illinois Preview

starts at the top

Chase Brown might be hurt. Their running game runs everything under the Harbaugh sun—good thing we've seen that in practice a few times. Their defense will man up and blitz you, except against Purdue for some reason, which didn't work out for them.

2. Nebraska After Review

starts around 2:05PM

Running game execution is a hell of a thing to hang your hat on. Panic about the deep passing game yet? What about getting pressure? Yes, Michigan gets sacks, but mostly against bad competition and late when teams are in comeback mode. DTs are the best part of the defense.

3. Hoops Arizona State

starts around 2:35PM

Sometimes shots don't go down/go down and it's very dumb but this team isn't built to have Hunter do this all by himself.

4. Hockey

starts around 3:00PM

Jett gets a star. Spacing with Hunter is a hell of an offense.

About the Featured Musician

Legume (Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify) is a Detroit group fronted by Liam McNitt. It's chill acoustic or plucking-at-a-Fender vibe stuff but there's a hint of funk or jazz that creeps in sometimes. Liam's voice has a Julian Casablancas lilt. The lyrics are clever, though the poetry trips over itself at times.

  • Let's Waste Away Together
  • In My Room
  • Thrill

Also because Across 110th Street will get our Youtubes taken down, the opener and outro:

  • “The Employee is Not Afraid”—Bear vs. Shark
  • “Ruska Vodka”—Motorboat


 2022-11-18  1h18m