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485: Mystery Box

We dig into Shufflecake, a tool that lets Linux users hide data with plausible deniability, then let our live stream SSH into our server and see if they can discover our secret data.

Plus, we follow up on Brent's never-ending desktop distro search and Chris' new Linux rig.

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  • Just a bunch of idiots having fun—a photo history of the LAN party
  • Introducing Shufflecake — Shufflecake is a tool for Linux that allows creation of multiple hidden volumes on a storage device in such a way that it is very difficult, even under forensic inspection, to prove the existence of such volumes. Each volume is encrypted with a different secret key, scrambled across the empty space of an underlying existing storage medium, and indistinguishable from random noise when not decrypted.
  • Hidden Filesystem Design and Improvement - Elia Anzuoni — We propose a novel design, a scheme called Shufflecake, which targets a more balanced compromise between performance and security. The level of deniability it offers, while not protecting against attacks in the most stringent threat model, is sufficient in many practical scenarios.
  • Tommaso Gagliardoni’s Homepage
  • Linux kernel module for Shufflecake
  • Shufflecake Userland Tools
  • Fedora upgrade failed due to dep failure
  • Comparing openSUSE MicroOS and Fedora Silverblue 37
  • Scaling Mastodon is Impossible
  • Using Mastodon for comments on a static blog
  • TwitterToNitter — Bookmarklet that shows the current Twitter page on Nitter. On every click it choses a random Nitter instance.
  • libredirect — A web extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter, Instagram... requests to alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends.


 2022-11-21  2h5m