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Jess Sanfilippo of the highly acclaimed Shuffilippo (h and Meredith Gordon of the hilarious humor blog Bad Sandy ( ), invite you to be a fly on the wall for the most hilarious, irreverent and sometimes bawdy conversations that happen when two Hollywood moms ditch their kids and get on the mic. Proving there’s more to motherhood than nap schedules and homework, Meredith and Jess hilariously tackle the nuances of marriage and motherhood with Hollywood’s most glamorous guest stars. So put the kids to bed and tune in for the real deal from two Hollywood moms on Meltdown Moms, where every mom is a celebrity.


#15 - Mom Time Sucks: The Internet Rabbit Hole

If you’ve ever sat down at your computer to answer a quick email only to realize an hour has passed because you just had to Google the names of the guys from ‘NSync who aren’t Justin Timberlake, which led you to his wife Jessica Biel’s Instagram, which led you to an article about movies being filmed in Singapore this year, than you too have fallen down the Internet rabbit hole. Jess and Meredith have been known to do the same. In fact, pretty much everyone has, especially parents who swear to their kids they just need to sit down at the computer for “a minute”, only to find 2-hours have passed. Jess and Meredith decided to go down the Internet rabbit hole on the podcast. So they left their browsers open all day and let the podcast fall where it may. The girls cover everything from Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP sex guide to Jay-Z’s latest remix. And Meredith and Jess find that the Internet isn’t just a terrible time suck, it’s a great conversation starter. Listen to what all the fuss is about and join Meredith and Jess in this hilarious experiment, which was so much fun they’ll be doing it again! All on this fantastic episode of Meltdown Moms presented by Meltdown Comics! Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein. Engineered by Mason Booker Theme music by Brian Bulman Logo design by Emily Wagner,


 2016-05-17  1h24m