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episode 15: WTKA Roundtable 11/22/2022: There’s No Need to Hate

Things discussed:

  • Illinois: Super aggressive defense, got into Cover 2 from weird looks, went 6-2 front and brought down safeties. Plays were there to be made: throws are open, WRs need to catch them and JJ needs to be more accurate.
  • Michigan took it two games at a time. Were afraid to pass until they had to. Had non-Morris ends trying to own the edge and the gap inside it so they could play two-deep, which is not an Illinois prep.
  • Where are the RPOs? Having JJ run is a similar thing, but getting him in rhythm and getting the defense to keep extra defenders out of the play demands that sort of thing.
  • Lots of Cover 1 and Cover 0 and M doesn't like to throw at guys in single coverage. Ohio State was paying attention.
  • Injuries? Corum and Edwards will play but Sam's opinion is they won't be 75%.
  • Seth: We're in the playoffs now, and you win the playoffs like you win in the NFL: my talent against your talent.
  • Michigan went after Witherspoon way too much.
  • Brian: The passing game is where it is because of Michigan's extreme run focus. Michigan ran on 2nd and 14 vs Cover Zero, and there's a reasonable explanation, QED. Seth: Like Kobe and Jaelin's threes, you gotta let them shoot through it.
  • OHIO STATE: A defense of Junior Colsons, but you can't guess where they'll break down ahead of time. Need a "take what you see" approach. They're going to blitz and man up.
  • Seth on hate: we don't want to go to Columbus because it's all about hate to them. Harbaugh's quote—and that's a guy who played in this game—is on. Sam: Hate's great! I love how emasculated they were after last year's game.
  • If Michigan does it again, and Ryan Day is 1-2 vs Michigan, is he on the hot seat?


 2022-11-22  49m