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363: ‘Deliberately Churned’, With Christina Warren

Christina Warren returns to the show to talk about the drama at Disney, tumult at Twitter, and how the hell to score Taylor Swift tickets.

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  • Christina Warren on Twitter, a website that still exists at this writing.
  • Bob Iger returns to Disney as CEO.
  • Yours truly: “Twitter Tumult”.
  • Elon Musk asks engineers for weekly emails with code screenshots.
  • Vice: “Twitter Employees on Visas Can’t Just Quit”.
  • Disney books:
    • Disney War, by James B. Stewart — “The dramatic inside story of the downfall of Michael Eisner—Disney Chairman and CEO—and the scandals that drove America’s best-known entertainment company to civil war.”
    • Walt Disney, by Neal Gabler — “The definitive portrait of one of the most important cultural figures in American history.”
  • Speaking of James B. Stewart, his recent epic story on AT&T’s Time Warner acquisition for The New York Times: “Was This $100 Billion Deal the Worst Merger Ever?”.
  • Puck — excellent new subscription Hollywood/media/Silicon Valley news site.

This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.


 2022-11-24  2h15m