The Adventure Zone

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone..


episode 6: The Adventure Zone: Steeplechase - Episode 6

The gang kicks things up a notch as it gets heated in Gutter City. Beef gets fidgety, Emerich blows the joint, Montrose throws some money around. 

Opening monologue performed by Autumn Seavey Hicks: 

Additional music in this episode: "Shake It!" by Jahzzar; “Voyageur” by Monkey Warhol:; "2 (jazz)" by Holizna:; and "Hoppin - 90bpm" by Damian Maguire:


 2022-11-24  1h8m