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episode 286: Nope (2022)

On another Halloween hangover episode, we are joined by Tom (Final Forum Dragon Ball Podcast) and returning guest Justin Mullis to discuss comedian turned horror maestro Jordan Peele's recent sci-fi/horror adventure, Nope!  Now if you've seen the film, you will know why we're covering it on this show.  If you haven't seen it, well... you should.  The film follows two siblings who run a Hollywood horse training ranch who find that something sinister in the skies above them is taking their horses, while the owner of a nearby amusement park is exploiting the situation for profit.  The less said here, the better, since this episode is VERY spoiler heavy.  In addition to our review, we will peel back all the layers of the movie to discuss its many themes.  Along the way, we discuss the real life incidents that inspired the film, the history of UFOs as (spoiler redacted) in ufology, showbiz chimps turning violent, black joy, animal exploitation, the nature of spectacle, biblically accurate angels and more!  But first, we discuss the recent passing of director Kazuki Omori, and the announcement of the upcoming Gamera: Rebirth anime.  There's a lot to unpack with this one, so relax and enjoy the conversation!

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 November 27, 2022  2h45m