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486: Goodbye, Google

Chris ditches the iPhone and switches to GrapheneOS, a security and privacy-focused project that lets you take control back from Google.

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  • Computer Chronicles - Intel 486 — In 1992, the big issue was - is it worth the money to upgrade my 386 PC to the new 486 chip? This program looks at the performance of the new Intel 486 and helps users decide.
  • GrapheneOS — The private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility. Developed as a non-profit open source project.
  • GrapheneOS: Supported Phones
  • GrapheneOS: Features Overview
  • Sandboxed Google Play overview for GrapheneOS
  • Lockscreen bypass fixed in November’s update - discovered by GrapheneOS in June
  • GrapheneOS on Twitter — We independently discovered the Android lockscreen bypass fixed in Android's November security update while working on features like a duress PIN/password.
  • A week with GrapheneOS exposed my over-reliance on Google
  • GrapheneOS Initial Impressions
  • Banking Applications Compatibility with GrapheneOS
  • HERE WeGo — Maps & Navigation
  • Fountain on Twitter — More sats = higher signal⚡️????
  • Hot on Fountain
  • DAVx⁵ — CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV for Android
  • Bitwarden: Top 10 Burning Questions on 2FA
  • n.eko — A self hosted virtual browser that runs in docker and uses WebRTC.
  • Install NVIDIA Drivers on Debian 11
  • deemix — deemix is a barebone deezer downloader library built from the ashes of Deezloader Remix.
  • lidarr-on-steroids
  • nostr — The simplest open protocol that is able to create a censorship-resistant global "social" network once and for all.
  • Pick: Upscaler — Upscale and enhance images.
  • Frog by Tender Owl
  • Frog on Flathub
  • A Science Project — “Make the 486 Great Again!”
  • Linus Torvalds bids 486 Linux adieu — It's been fun, but Linus Torvalds thinks it's time for 486 Linux to leave computers behind and go to museums.


 2022-11-28  1h34m