A couple wins millions so everyone wants their money! Who wins?! After a couple wins millions, they retire from the renaissance fair and buy a beachfront complex in San Diego, where relatives scheme for their riches. This award-winning sitcom series also streams free on all devices on TUBI TV and PLEX TV. Diverse ensemble cast, ages 9 to 79. IMDb 8.0, parental guidance TV-14. Zany - Whimsical - Sitcom


episode 14: 14 THE SMARTLYS Dan and Sandra McLellan

THE SMARTLYS Director/Producer/Actor Floyd Strayer delves into the background of the father-daughter duo, Dan and Sandra McLellan who play Fetch and Lettie May Smartly.  Sandra, 11, brightly quips that she's just in it for the money, and then the show is off to the races! 

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 2022-11-30  27m