Winning Slowly

There are plenty of podcasts that will tell you how the latest tech gadget or “innovation” will affect the tech landscape tomorrow, but there aren’t that many concerned with the potential impact of that tech in a decade—much less a century. In a culture obsessed with now, how can we make choices with a view for tomorrow, next year, and beyond? 25–35-minute episodes released the first and third Wednesdays of the month.


episode 2: 1.02: On Family

Show NotesIn which we talk about one of the longest views: family. In particular, we look at the ways that all our pursuits—especially those having to do with family—force us to make choices about what we value most and to allocate our time accordingly. After all, one’s impact on one’s family is far more long-lasting than nearly anything else we do. We also spend some time thinking about the responsibilities of corporations to develop expectations that support families as genuinely valuable to culture

  • Intro (2:43)
  • You Can’t Have It All (2:43–11:55)
  • Singleness Not a Disaster (11:55–16:32)
  • Family, Work, Innovation, and the Long View (16:32–28:50)
  • Conclusion (28:50–32:09)
  • “Walls For The Wind”, from Nature’s Burrito by The Parmesans. Used by permission.
  • “Winning Slowly Theme”, by Chris Krycho. Used by dint of being written the show. Not too bad for a digitally voiced piano.


 2014-07-22  32m