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Girl in Charge Radio is hosted by Joelle Suess. Joelle has been in the health and fitness industry for over 5 years. Going from a broke, depressed college student to living a life by design happened with heart and hustle. Girl in Charge Radio is a place to for girls to come together and girl stuff! This community is bringing a burst of positivity to all listeners because girl its time to stop letting life happen to you and start taking charge!



Today's question is how can I ask my boss for a raise? Ashley submitted this question and I think she wanted to know how to confidently walk into her bosses office and have script to ask how to get a raise but I am adding a self development twist to the answer of this question.  Now I am self employed #GIRLBOSS since January of 2013 but prior to that I did work at a corporate job. I started off at the bottom in and in one year I advanced 3 times in one year.  Here are my 3 tips on getting a raise.  1. Work harder on yourself than your job. Personal growth is a must. Whether that is books or podcasts.  2. Look at your job description and analyze it with what you are actually doing with your time at work.  3. Stay away from the gossip. Lets not gossip about other people.  Email to chat with me or submit your question.  Instagram @girlinchargeradio or @joellesuess


 2016-02-02  12m