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episode 413: iPhone app sideloading, new Mac Pro rumors, iPhone SE 4 cancelled

Benjamin and Zac dive into the reports that Apple is preparing to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act, with alternative app stores and sideloading becoming a possibility on the iPhone for the first time. Also, there’s rumors that Apple has cancelled plans to release an iPhone SE 4 next year, and we have more clarity on the final specs for the upcoming Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

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Zac Hall @apollozac or @zac@home.social

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo or @bzamayo@mastodon.social

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  • Apple VR headset is probably to blame for Google picking off NFL Sunday Ticket deal at the 11th hour
  • Kuo: Mass production of iPhone SE 4 might be cancelled or delayed until 2024
  • AirPods Pro 2: The perfect replacement for AirPods Max that I didn’t know I needed
  • Apple reveals MLS Season Pass schedule following exclusive streaming rights deal
  • Apple’s self-service repair program now available for Studio Display and M1 Mac desktops
  • Apple TV app for Android is rumored, following earlier expansion to Android TV devices
  • Reported 2023 Mac Pro plan would be understandable, but still potentially concerning
  • Apple reportedly prepping ‘multiple new external monitors’ with Apple Silicon inside
  • Gurman: Apple cancels plans for high-end ‘M2 Extreme’ chip, but new Mac Pro will retain expandability options for RAM and storage
  • After months of negotiations, Apple reportedly exits the running for NFL Sunday Ticket package
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 2022-12-24  58m