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#13: The Summer TV Bingecast 2016

WARNING: TV SHOW SPOILERS FOR MR. ROBOT, STRANGER THINGS, AND BOJACK HORSEMAN FOLLOW. Jerry has become restless in his cries for help. We summon the Dungeonmaster Lulu to whip him into obedience as we "start" the "show"... then, WE TALK ABOUT SUMMER TV!! We talk about some shows we've watched (and both loved and hated), as well as go into depth on 3 big ones for the summer: Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, and Season 3 of BoJack Horseman. We also delve into the cinematic masterpiece known as Suicide Squad and the Oscar-winning Joker by Jared Leto. Because we're twenty-somethings with literally nothing else to do but watch TV and read movie gossip and bitch about it online.


 2016-08-03  1h7m