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3 college-aged morons talk over each other about pop culture, technology, culture, and the essential questions of life and existentialism. Or they're just bored, and they got together on a voice call to record all this. New episodes weekly!



#5: ...Speaking of Hell

This episode was DOOMed from the beginning. (Get it? Huh? No? Ok, whatever.) The guys come back from a donut place and try to record the podcast during a food coma, and they cover everything from bison in Yellowstone, to not noticing gun wounds until 3 days later. A new segment called "Jackass or Genius" is also debuted, which may/may not have valid arguments for people. Oh yeah, and there's a discussion on the reboot of DOOM. It's close to finals week I don't caaaaare


 2016-05-18  1h8m