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The American Family Farmer Show is the weekly voice for small, independent farm owners, as well hobby farmers and all of those interested in eating natural foods that make as few stops as possible from the farm to the table.


Bill Niman: Eat Like it Matters

BILL NIMAN is pioneering rancher in the good meat movement. He has been called 1cThe Guru of Happy Cows, 1d by the Los Angeles Times, 1cThe Master of Meat, 1d by Wine Spectator magazine, 1cThe Steve Jobs of Meat, 1d by Men 19s Journal, and 1cFood Artisan of the Year, 1d by Bon Appetit magazine. He and his wife argue that dispersed, grass-fed, small-scale farms can and should become the basis for American food production, replacing the factory farms that harm animals and the environment.


 2015-12-01  19m