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Boss Level is a podcast on people and organizations aiming for the boss level. Boss level is the status a person or an organization achieves by making a better quality of life for themselves and others by doing what they need to do regardless of all the haters and obstacles out there.



Simon Marcus and his swedish overlords at Spotify

An interview with Spotify's VP of Operations, Simon Marcus. We discuss the concept of a minimum viable company, how Scrum and Kanban are a gateway drug and who should do the thinking in organizations. Regarding Spotify we cover the hierarchy in the company and how the chapters, tribes and squads model is essentially just a matrix with fancy names. Links to the podcast:

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  • Host: Sami Honkonen
Links to stuff mentioned in the episode:
  • Person: Simon Marcus
  • Company: Spotify
  • Person: Marc Maron
  • Framework: Scrum
  • Framework: Kanban
  • Videos that cover chapters, tribes and squads: Spotify Engineering Culture - part 1, part 2
  • Person: Daniel Ek (Spotify CEO)
  • Person: Henrik Kniberg
  • Person: Will Evans
  • Person: Jabe Bloom
  • Book: Henrik Kniberg: Lean from the Trenches
  • Person: Arne Roock
  • Company: Jimdo
  • Person: HÃ¥kan Forss
  • Person: Chris Argyris
  • Company: Crisp
  • Crisp DNA
  • Book: Peter Thiel: Zero To One
  • Book: Jack Welch: Winning
  • Book: Stephen Bungay: The Art of Action
  • Book: Pascal Dennis: Getting the Right Things Done
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Thanks to:
  • Timo Londen
  • Jari Aarniala
  • Ville Valtonen
  • Tyyppimuunnos
  • Mervi Honkonen


 2015-09-28  58m