Law vs Life

Law vs Life is a DOME podcast where we talk about topics that are at the intersection of law and life. This is neither a technical nor a political programme. Hell, most of the time, it is barely a legal one. It is for anyone and everyone interested in the gaps between the court and the practice of law and the court of public opinion. So join us and weigh in while we argue the case Law vs Life. New episode every Wednesday!!


episode 1: Who the Hell is He?

We are back!! And we are so very excited to be! The second season is going to be so fun. In this episode, we may or may not be talking political ambitions, espionage across borders, sentencing to death, violations of Human Rights and of the Convention of Vienna on Consular relations. All of that in the case Jadhav. Kulbushar Jadhav. 
#India #Pakistan #SpyGate #DeathRow #Kashmir #DueProcess #ConsularRelations

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New Episode Every Wednesday!! Talk to you soon

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 January 17, 2023  29m