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Implementing DevOps to Deliver Business Value: A Real-World Example | ChefConf 2016

Learn how devs Michael Hedgpeth and John Kerry of NCR teamed to introduce DevOps into their organization, using Chef to set-up a large performance testing environment with a rapid deployment pipeline. Using continuous testing and delivery, they were able to optimize solution performance to meet a customer's anticipated tenfold increase in traffic without adding additional infrastructure—and one month ahead of schedule. Michael and John discuss how they broke down specific business problems into consumable pieces, and, though use of DevOps practices, shifted from a culture of blame to a culture of innovation.

Find a topic:

  • [05:25] The impetus for DevOps
  • [10:25] A DevOps success
  • [13:05] Fostering a DevOps culture
  • [19:11] Tools and tips for implementing DevOps

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 2016-08-20  24m