Mike Greenberg brings his unmatched depth of sports knowledge, fun and entertainment back to ESPN Radio on a daily basis. ‘Greeny’ will keep the audience up to date on the never-ending breaking news in the sports world that matters most to his listeners. He’ll be joined regularly by the biggest names in the game covering all angles of the sports world. If it matters in sports, it matters to Greeny. This is the home for hourly podcasts of the show.


Hour 1: Smugness

Greeny keeps ESPN NFL Analyst Ryan Clark after Get Up to break down all the Divisional Round games from over the weekend. Former #Greeny producer Nuno stops by to lament his Giants' loss, while Hembo is reaching new levels of smugness after a dominant Eagles win. Harsh words are exchanged between the two. Greeny continues to push the idea that Aaron Rodgers makes the Jets immediate Super Bowl contenders.

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 2023-01-23  40m