Impromptu Movie Night

A discussion podcast based out of Austin, TX brought to you by Andrew August and Anuj Bhutani, a couple of roommates and aspiring artists who absolutely love talking about movies. We'll be covering everything from our personal thoughts on certain films to broader themes, trending topics, speculation, and more!


09 - Confinement_Claustrophobia_Cabernet

We noticed that this year alone, there have already been at least four great films about people being trapped in a confined space, so for this week's episode, we break them all down.  Then, we open up the discussion to talk about some of our all-time favorite films about being stuck in one place - featuring The Invitation, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Green Room, 12 Angry Men, Die Hard, and a few surprises!


 2016-04-16  1h0m