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BMW Connected. Your personal mobility companion.

The new BMW Connected app helps you to make your life smarter and more comfortable by optimizing your personal mobility requirements. You can download it here: The app is already available in USA and is released in several European countries from August 2016. Functions are: Share Estimated Time of Arrival Keep friends and family informed about your likely arrival time either from your smartphone or from inside your vehicle. Just send a simple preformatted text message . Don’t text and drive. Last Mile Route If you have to park away from your final destination, no problem! Your smartphone will guide you from your parking spot to your final destination. Arriving stress free has never been easier. Remote Services Stay connected with your vehicle via remote functions using your smartphone. You can for example flash the lights, lock the doors, find your car or start the climate control. In addition, you can check the battery level, the electric range or set your charging profile. Thus, BMW Connected enhances your comfort and safety. Time to Leave Notification Ever been late for an appointment? With the BMW Connected App this is almost impossible. It provides estimated travel times for your routine or planned destinations, no matter if you are in or outside your vehicle. Based on traffic conditions, you will be notified when it’s time to leave. Personal Learned Destinations Another nice feature of the BMW Connected App is the “Personal learned Destinations”. This helps you to optimize your time. Frequent destinations and mobility patterns, like your daily trip to work at 8 in the morning or the pick-up of your kids from school at 2 in the afternoon are learned and stored for quick recall. If there is an accident or a traffic jam along the route, you will be notified. This automatically helps you to be on time. Send to Car BMW Connected makes your end-to-end journey simple and convenient. Easily search for destinations using your favorite third party apps, like “Yelp” or “Apple Maps”. Afterwards share the destination with BMW Connected. As soon as you enter your car it knows where to go. The next planned trip pops up automatically and you can start your in-car-navigation with the push of a button. The best thing is, you do not have to manually enter the address into the navigation system – it works seamlessly. The app uses a digital platform called Open Mobility Cloud as a basis. BMW Connected seamlessly integrates the vehicle into the user’s digital life via multiple touchpoints, such as an iPhone or Apple Watch.


 2016-08-05  3m