Avenue G

Avenue G is a mythical, mirthful, musical place. From parodies of pop songs to skits about topics in the news, expect the unexpected, because Avenue G is a place were anything is possible. visit our Youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYoUSjNKx2_sPCzvWsOgQA




Theme: RIO 2016 Recorded AUGUST 13, 2016> SONG: QUIET NIGHTS> GANJI NEEDS A TEAM> OFF TO RIO> SONG: BRASIL> AQUATIC PING-PONG> SONG: RIO DE INFECTO> RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS> CROSS-COUNTRY BOWLING> SONG: COW FROM IPANEMA> SHORT JUMP COMPETITION> RIO DISGUSTO> ANDY BECOMES PRESIDENT OF BRASIL> ANGRY MOB ATTACKS> SONG: SOMETHING> SONG: OH HOOKISTAN> For more Ave G goodies, visit our website, http://www.avenue-g.net> For mobile devices, get the free Podomatic app for mobile devices at https://goo.gl/csK2rX> Avenue G presents a live show at 7:00PM every 1st friday at Alma Mater, 7165 Germantown Avenue, in Philadelphia, PA> Check out back episodes over here --->


 2016-08-19  43m