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The Fatherhood is Leadership podcast focuses on how modern fathers answer the call to leadership, evolve as men and build their legacy today. Our mission is to empower fathers across the globe with actionable tools to help them be the best father and leader they can be. We will explore how leadership development translates into being a great father and vice versa. This weekly podcast will feature fathers who are doing extraordinary things and are motivated to pursue their dreams. Guest will share their experiences with fatherhood, leadership and creating a legacy of greatness. If you are a father wanting actionable tools that will help pursue your dreams without losing out on the precious moments with your children..Tune in to Fatherhood is Leadership!



50: Fatherhood from the Outback

Rob Lowe hails from Australia and is husband to his beautiful wife - his most cherished relationship and father to the wonders of his life; his 2 boys aged 5 and 3. Robb is hugely excited as child #3 has been conceived and baking well. Rob considers himself built for fatherhood and as society has coined the phrase "she was just meant to be a mother" Rob feels he was just meant to be a father. Rob does what he does as a father because he loves what he does as a father - he knows that the family unit is all about contribution and that parenting is not simply mothering a child, it is equally important to be fathering a child. Rob stands up and out when other fathers sit back and over the last few years he has begun he own crusade to wake Fathers up to the important role they have in a child's life. Rob is setting about building leaders for life and see leadership and fatherhood as a relationship where the father has to build himself to a version of a person that is attractive for his kids. It is not hard as you kids already love you, they want to be with you - leverage this and always be present in life.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About conversations he had around fatherhood in India
  • The importance of scheduling family time in your calendar

You can find Rob here:

  • Website: maximumlifeclub.com and 4 Steps to Maximum Life


  • Book: Living and Loving Together: How to Make Your Personal Relationships More Fulfilling, by Dr. Bob Montgomery and Dr. Lynette Evans
  • Join Devon's online Group Coaching & Mastermind Community: Live Your Legacy


 2016-05-11  30m