Fatherhood is Leadership

The Fatherhood is Leadership podcast focuses on how modern fathers answer the call to leadership, evolve as men and build their legacy today. Our mission is to empower fathers across the globe with actionable tools to help them be the best father and leader they can be. We will explore how leadership development translates into being a great father and vice versa. This weekly podcast will feature fathers who are doing extraordinary things and are motivated to pursue their dreams. Guest will share their experiences with fatherhood, leadership and creating a legacy of greatness. If you are a father wanting actionable tools that will help pursue your dreams without losing out on the precious moments with your children..Tune in to Fatherhood is Leadership!



11: Real Dads Do Real Things

Derek Phillips is the founder and Executive Director of the Real Dads Network, an organization that is committed to strengthening the institution of the family by promoting the positive aspects of fatherhood in all media. It is our belief that children do better, both developmentally and in the attainment of life opportunities, when both parents are actively involved in their parenting, regardless of the marital or living circumstances. In September of 2003, He co-produced and co-directed "Real Dads–Black Men on Fatherhood," a half-hour documentary with commentary by the late Ossie Davis that explored fatherhood through the eyes of Black men.

In 2005, The Real Dads Network, hosted its inaugural Black Fatherhood Summit, moderated by the legendary James Mtume, and included a panel that consisted of Kurtis Blow-one of the first rappers to have a hit record ("The Breaks") in 1980; Barry Mayo, Senior Vice President and station manager of Kiss FM; Bill Stephney, co-founder of Def Jam Records and the group Public Enemy; Nation's of Islam's Min. Kevin Muhammad; Fatyn Muhammad, producer of Kiss FM's Open Line talk show; and Fatherhood Activists Thabiti Boone and Peter Holoman. This event received a full-length commentary in the Wall Street Journal.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The data and research behind the importance of active fathers
  • The 4 P's of Fatherhood: Presence, Providers, Protectors and Peacemakers
  • How Derek's 9 year-old daughter shifted his entire perspective on life
  • The importance of teamwork at home and in your career

You can find Derek and The Real Dads Network here:

  • Real Dads Network
  • Upcoming Father’s Day Events
  • Upcoming Daddy Daughter Dance


 2015-06-03  30m