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The Nazca Lines Part 2

In part two of our series on the Nazca lines, we examine some of the prevailing theories about their purpose.  From astronomical earthwork markers, maps of aquifer sources, and a gargantuan textile & mummy manufactory to processional pathways for worshippers, a conclusive and comprehensive explanation continues to elude researchers and the public.  Yet while most scholars and enthusiasts concentrate on the biomorphic geoglyphs of Nazca, perhaps the greater mystery lies in the older, more sophisticated, and complex lines in the Palpa region to the north.  Here, the multitude of amazingly long stretches of "runway" courses, zig-zags, and labyrinthine "paper clip" patterns suggest that this culture's motivations may have been technological as well as spiritual.  In addition, many of these lines were carved into what appear to be the leveled ridges of the mountainous geography, where tracks can lead to steep dropoffs.  Whatever the speculations, we may only be one new discovery away from finally solving the riddle of the Nazca lines.

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 2023-02-13  2h7m