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Ecclesia - Part 2

5 Part Series - To obtain the entire series go to STORE.WOGM.COM The word "ecclesia" is a government term that literally means "the called out ones" or "the assembly." In Jesus' day, Rome held governing powers over Israel, and their method of conquest was different than that of other nations. Instead of forcible takeover, the Romans allowed the Jews to stay in their homes and keep their jobs. The King appointed governors to watch over different sectors. Each governor had their own "ecclesia"; a group of people who's job was to live in Jewish society and plant seeds of Roman culture. The ecclesia would assemble regularly to receive their assignments, then go out and influence the Jewish society towards the of Roman way of life. Eventually this influence would transition Jewish culture into a society that reflected Rome. When Jesus first came on the scene, He asked, "Who do men say that I am?" (Matthew 16:13). No one in the area knew who He was. Peter then got a revelation from heaven and answered, " You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" (v.16). In that moment, He understood who Jesus really was. God revealed the truth to him. It is on the same revelation that church is to be built. Jesus used a government term He knew His disciples would understand to explain the nature of mission of the church. He called it His Ecclesia. The purpose of the church remains the same to this day. God is our King, the Holy Spirit governs the earth, and we are the church, His ecclesia. We are "the called-out ones" who have been taken from kingdom of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of God. We assemble together on Sundays to be taught of the Lord, and to receive our assignment. Our job is to go out into the world and influence the lost for Jesus Christ. The Bible says that we are in the world but not of this world. Our ultimate home is heaven. While we're here, we are meant to live lives that reflect the Kingdom of God. "Ecclesia" is a series that helps believer's understand their mission here on earth. By studying the origin and purpose of the church, we gain the ultimate revelation of who Jesus Christ really is. - See more at: http://store.wogm.com/products/the-ekklesia#sthash.SVtXyAIc.dpuf


 2014-10-13  1h2m