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Jesus Was Political: The Trial of a King

What does it mean to call Jesus Lord? King? These are political terms that denote authority and rule. Indeed, this is what led to Jesus' execution by the Roman authorities, a charge that he was purporting to be the King of the Jews. This was perceived as a direct challenged to the power of Caesar, and Jesus was found guilty of insurrection. And just like their crucified Savior, many Christians in the early church were executed for claiming that Jesus is Lord. In this Palm Sunday message, Pastor Mark explains that Jesus is still King today and that our primary allegiance belongs to him and the kingdom he inaugurated by his life, death, and resurrection. This is often difficult when other kings and kingdoms vie for our loyalty and support, but nothing should take precedence over Christ. This is an especially timely message in a hotly contested election year.


 2016-03-20  28m