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The NCAA Podcasts channel uses multiple different shows (NCAA Social Series, Inside the NCAA, College Sports Conversations) to interview individuals who have unique insight into the world of college sports. Produced by the NCAA, episodes delve into the most pressing topics of the day and offer behind-the-scenes points of view from those who shape college athletics.



A Benedictine nun. An autistic college student. An undocumented immigrant. You might think you have a good picture of who those people are. But the nun is a football coach. The autistic student keeps his head clear by competing for his college as a distance runner. And when the immigrant learned that attending college while representing your school on the soccer field existed in the United States, he returned to Mexico so he could enter the country legally, seek citizenship and go to school. College sports, the great equalizer, can shatter stereotypes.


 2016-04-12  27m