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episode 237: Podcasting Is Just Fine

Video podcasting soapbox from Rob, an update on Google Podcast search from Google, discussing the Sonic Bloom awards, another doom and gloom article, this time from the NYTimes, Apple Podcasts subscriptions workflows and examples, Alexa and podcasting FAQs, what's on Elsie's hardware wish list from Rode, Hindenburg Beta 2 is out, podcast marketing trends survey, mean and median download stats and so much more!


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Quick Episode Summary
  • Intro
  • (2:11) PROMO 1: Daily Radio Podcast
  • (3:15) Rob and Elsie conversation
  • Mandalorian chat
  • (5:22) Video podcasting soap box from Rob
  • (10:53) Chapter marks have been around for a while! They are not new!
  • (18:13) Google podcast search update from the Google team
  • (21:30) What are the Sonic Bloom awards?
  • (25:26) NY times article on the podcasting industry
  • (29:14) How's the twitter migration to Mastodon going?
  • (34:03) PROMO 2: Thursday the 12th
  • (34:32) Tips and workflows for using Apple Podcasts subscriptions
  • (39:09) An awesome new niche podcast title
  • (42:47) How fast are Connect recordings available after the interview?
  • (44:42) Alexa podcasting search problems
  • (46:54) On Elsie's wishlist: Rode's NTH-100M
  • (50:25) Hindenburg Pro 2 Beta is out!
  • (52:33) Podcast marketing survey! Fill it out and help us all out
  • (53:51) What happens when you submit your show into Apple Podcasts?
  • (56:48) PROMO 3: The Mandalore
  • (57:57) Stats: geographic and user agent
  • (1:01:22) Where have we been and where are we going?
Featured Podcast Promo + Audio
  • PROMO 1: Daily Radio Bible
  • PROMO 2: Thursday the 12th
  • PROMO 3: The Mandalore
Where have we been and where are we going
  • Stick with Your Podcast — The No Podfade Guarantee for 2023! - YouTube
  • Libsyn Start Podcasting Basics
  • Podcaster & Podcast Industry Conference - Podcast Movement Evolutions | Las Vegas 2023
  • 2023 NAB Show
  • She Podcasts LIVE 2022 • She Podcasts
  • The Podcast Show

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

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  • Can I create chapters in an audio track i… - Apple Community
  • Forecast: Podcast MP3 Chapter Encoder — Overcast
  • Castro Podcast app
  • Google Podcasts disappears from Search results
  • Sonic Bloom Awards - Sonic Bloom Awards
  • Podcast Companies Face Layoffs, Budget Cuts and Scuttled Deals - The New York Times
  • The Mastodon Bump Is Now a Slump | WIRED
  • Lazy Reporters Claiming Fediverse Is ‘Slumping,’ Despite Massive Increase In Usage | Techdirt
  • Rocket #425: Word of the Day: Engagement - Relay FM
  • Introducing the NTH-100M Professional Over-ear Headset | RØDE
  • Hindenburg :: HindenburgPro2Beta
  • Podcast Marketing Trends 2023 – Libsyn - Podcast Marketing Academy

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