fyydify - beta

Thanks for letting me waste your time and patience for testing this!

Always remember: this is a beta. The question is not if data will be lost. The question is just: when?

fyyd collects data. Nothing new to you, I assume. I collect thousands of feed, hundrets of thousands episodes. The more, the better but that data has to be as valid as possible, quality is a point here.

But that's not all. In fact, it's just a requirement, a precondition to what I had and have in mind, when I first saw, that I have a podcast search engine at my fingertips (that's another story to be told in future days).
The point is, that I want to have that data as broad base for a curating system.

Before having that, there's a lot of work to be done and things to be implemented. Maybe one point: authentification. This works via twitter for now. Only twitter

Second part: pin information to the personal accounts and share them with others using fyyd. Or with yourself and that starts here!

Erm... what?

Please login with twitter. Use the menu above or click here. Few will change after that, but you'll maybe notice a checkbox besides the episodes inside podcasts pages or the search results pages.

By checking those, you can add the corresponding episodes to a personal feed. This personal feed is in fact a real podcast feed, mixed with your favored episodes, which you can subscribe to with any podcatcher.

What is it good for?

absolutely nothing?

Well, it's easy. Imagine finding an episode for a topic you're interested in. Let's say... "nuclear fusion". You'll be presented two pages of results and wow! you find an episode of StarTalk Radio you obviously missed! \o/

But now the struggle begins: Maybe you have to subscribe to StarTalk. You know that and it's easy. But then this episode is more than a year old. You search for it and scroll... scroll... scroll...

Oh! It's not inside the feed anymore :(

Now's my time! Just check the episode here (let's call it fyydify! Yeah, I'm a marketing prodigy!), subscribe to your personal feed (if not already done) and wait a few minutes.

Or longer, but that's not my business, tell your podcatchers developer about that... but at the end: katsching! Here it is! :)

Maybe it's even better: There's a podcast you don't want to subscribe to, because it's nothing you're interested into. But there's this one episode you'd love to here... you know what to do, don't you?

You can have that slice of pizza, you don't have to buy the whole store.

But that's not all I have in mind. Remember, it's just a small part and in fact a testing to some technological problems with feeds and stuff.

I found a bug!

Wow! What are the chances... ;-)) Would you mind to share it with me? That would be great.

Best way is mail, I guess. eazy@eazy-living.