1 Beer 1 Song

Hosted by Russ and Tony, each episode is 12 to 70 minutes of passionate blather about a beer and a song. We drink the beer. We listen to the song. Disagreement and ridicule abound. Sometimes there is more than one beer. Sometimes there are no songs. Sometimes there are multiple songs. There has never been no beer.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 30m. Bisher sind 62 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts


episode 190: 190 Yonah Mountain Vineyards and Tool

We take an ABSURDLY long time (longest episode ever!) to drink a HILARIOUS amount of wine (srsly like ten bottles) and we lighten it up in the middle with a cool, refreshing ... twelve minute Tool song. Find out where to buy Yonah Mountain wines at https://youngamerican.wine/



episode 191: 189 - Six Bridges Brewing and Sturgill Simpson

Here's a short one with a beer from Six Bridges Brewing outside Atlanta and a song off the new Sturgill album. Yes, we know you have thoughts about Sturgill you're dying to share with anyone who will listen. Just save it. Take some breaths. Count to 500 million. You'll be fine.



episode 188: 188 - A Massive Hoppin' Frog Stout and Morbid Stuff from PUP

A fantastic beer and a fantastic song. Having solved soup earlier this year, Russ has moved on to salad dressing. You will NEVER guess. This episode's addition to the Hall of Words: Releasded


 2019-09-16  33m

episode 187: 187 - White Claw and Taylor Swift

This episode hits the ground fully off the rails and then sort of recovers but not really. Also, two words: CONSPIRACIST THEORIST


 2019-09-10  46m

episode 186: 186 - COLLEGE FOOTBALL 2019 you know what this is

Our pal Kit (@ludakit) joins us as he does every year to talk about the world's greatest and most awful amateur sport. Which one of us loves Vandy the most? How many games will Bama lose? What is the interest rate on a money market savings account at Linc


 2019-08-21  1h4m

episode 185: 185 - Come On Yeah

We were summoned from our long, peaceful slumber by a couple of yokels from Alpharetta of all places, who somehow managed to fabricate podcast beef(?) out of thin air. So this is our half-cocked response. Sigh.


 2019-08-14  20m

 2019-02-22  33m

episode 180: 180 - IPAs from Bearded Iris and music from Kid em-effing Dynamite

The beers and music are both great. Russ is Russ about it.


 2019-02-15  26m

episode 179: 179 - The good Canadian stout from Michigan and them Backstreet Boys

It's Founders CBS and the actual Backstreet Boys.


 2019-02-11  33m

episode 178: 178 - Coupla fancy ass IPAs from North Carolina and Michigan and music from William Martin Joel

Two tall cans of IPA full of hops we don't recognize from Satulah Mountain and Old Nation Brewing Companies, respectively. And a song from Billy Joel you've definitely heard but probably wouldn't guess.


 2019-01-17  30m