1 Beer 1 Song

Hosted by Russ and Tony, each episode is 12 to 70 minutes of passionate blather about a beer and a song. We drink the beer. We listen to the song. Disagreement and ridicule abound. Sometimes there is more than one beer. Sometimes there are no songs. Sometimes there are multiple songs. There has never been no beer.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 30m. Bisher sind 69 Folge(n) erschienen.


 2018-08-13  34m

episode 171: 171 - COLLEGE FOOTBALL


 2018-08-06  56m

episode 170: 170 - Some beer called KBS and a song called Alabama

We are joined again by our Light American Lager correspondent, so we feed him a massive barrel-aged stout.


 2018-07-30  40m

episode 169: 169 - A guest with two macro lagers and definitely some trap music

Our buddy Chris joins us for some deep summer philosophizing and a couple beers that end in Light/Lite. TONY TONY WHATS WITH THE HEAVY BREATHING. Well, since I am not able to make audio equipment function in any productive way, Chris was without the benef


 2018-07-23  30m

episode 168: 168 - EMERGENCY SOCCER

A local Belgian quad and Trampled by Turtles AND no snacks BUT some soccer.


 2018-07-03  30m

 2018-06-25  32m

episode 166: 166 - New stuff from Monday Night Brewing and a song from uh AxCx

The chicken wing content starts around 15:45 if that's the only reason you're here, which is totally understandable.


 2018-06-19  29m

episode 165: 165 - An IPA from Green Man and a song from St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Russ's rap name should be Young Wheezy.


 2018-04-30  26m

 2018-04-08  28m

episode 163: A big wine-barrel-aged stout from Dogfishhead and a BANGER from The Pines.

The episode title is description enough!


 2018-03-26  31m