+1 Forward

+1 Forward is a show about games using the Apocalypse Engine. We cover these games in play, and talk about the many flavors of games Powered by the Apocalypse. Each episode will have a discussion about mechanics, as well as an example of play.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 40m. Bisher sind 102 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

Summer Series BOB- Venture

Rach and Rich continue their Summer Series. This series covers games in the Belonging Outside Belonging (BOB) style of PbtA games. This second episode features Riley Rethal, creator of Venture. Timecodes: 0:02:03 - Spend a Token... to hear Riley...



Summer Series BOB - Dream Askew

Rach and Rich kick off their first Summer Series. This series will cover games in the Belonging Outside Belonging (BOB) style of PbtA games. This first episode features Avery Alder, creator of Dream Askew, the first BOB game. (we even renamed the...



MC Prep & Clocks

Rach and Rich bring on Paul Beakley of the Indie Game Reading Club blog to talk about his amazing article called Prep 2.0 () and using Clocks in PbtA games! Timecodes: 0:01:35 - Read a Sitch  0:14:28  - Open Your Brain to Prep 2.0 0:20:06 -...



Rust Hulks

Rich interviews Sam Sorensen about Rust Hulks, his game about playing space truckers in a grimy science-fiction future. Timecodes: 0:02:24 - Read a Sitch about PbtA game structures and third party supplements 0:14:28  - Open Your Brain to Rust...


 2020-06-04  41m

Teens With Attitude

Rach and Rich interview David Brunell-Brutman about his game about 1990's action with Teens with Attitude. Timecodes: 0:01:46 - Read a Sitch about what it means to Play to Find Out 0:13:19  - Open Your Brain to Teens With Attitude 0:23:33 ...


 2020-05-19  49m

Movie Night - Rogue One and Impulse Drive

Rach and Rich continue Movie Night, our series where we pair a movie and a PbtA RPG and talk about how you can watch the movie and improve your experience with the game. Our third pairing is Star Wars: Rogue One and Impulse Drive Timecodes: 02:02 -...


 2020-05-04  51m

PbtA in the Time of Social Distancing

Rich and Rach talk about ways to get in some PbtA gaming during social distancing measures. Timecodes: 00:13:36 - Duet Gaming with a local partner or roommate 00:20:09 - Things to consider with PbtA Games to run them as a Duet Game 00:32:25 - Gaming...


 2020-04-23  1h3m

Pasión de las Pasiones

Rich interviews Brandon Leon-Gambetta about his game currently on Kickstarter called Pasión de las Pasiones. Timecodes: 02:20 - Read a Sitch on using Custom Moves for Places and Situations 14:24  - Open Your Brain to Pasión 26:31  - Act...


 2020-03-17  46m

Princess World

Rach interviews Kevin Petker about his game currently on Kickstarter called Princess World. Timecodes: 02:38 - Read a Sitch on using MC Moves to color a narrative 10:32  - Open Your Brain to Princess World 16:17   - Act Under Fire with...


 2020-03-13  42m


Rich interviews Robert Bohl about his game currently in playtest called Demihumans. Timecodes: 03:00 - Read a Sitch on  Session Structure 09:13  - Open Your Brain to Demihumans 20:06   - Act Under Fire with Plussy the Orc! Find out...


 2020-02-27  39m