+1 Forward

+1 Forward is a show about games using the Apocalypse Engine. We cover these games in play, and talk about the many flavors of games Powered by the Apocalypse. Each episode will have a discussion about mechanics, as well as an example of play.


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Timecodes: 01:23 - Read a Sitch about exploring gender in PbtA games 09:29 - Open Your Brain to Turn 20:28 - Act Under Fire with Logan Lassiter You can find Turn on Beau's Itch here: https://briebeau.itch.io/turn Or buy it on DrivethruRPG...




Timecodes 01:38 - Read a Sitch on deities in gaming 15:24 - Open Your Brain to Demigods 27:53 - Act Under Fire with Plussy AND Violet!!!   Links Demigods is on Kickstarter now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/demigods/demigods You can...


 2019-07-09  59m


Timecodes 03:18 - Read a Sitch on running mysteries in PbtA 14:08 - Open Your Brain to Hogwarts 27:02 - Act Under Fire with Curtis 45:34 - A peek at the Mystery system in action Check out the game and download it FREE here: https://www.hwrpg.net/ ...


 2019-06-24  53m

Monster of the Week: Tome of Mysteries

Timecodes 04:25  - Read a Sitch about non-PbtA games 15:11  - Open Your Brain to Tome of Mysteries 27:11- Act Under Fire with Plussy and his... kid sister?!?! Check out Steve Hickey's games: http://stevehickeygames.blogspot.com/ You can...


 2019-05-14  50m

Hearts of Wulin Special

Jason Cordova is joined by Agatha Cheng and Lowell Francis to discuss Hearts of Wulin, coming to Kickstarter May 14th!  Time Codes 10:33 - Talking Mechanics 14:27 - Combat 22:04 - Elements and Playbook roles 40:49 - Kickstarter Details Links...


 2019-05-10  48m

For the Dungeon

Timecodes 01:11  - Read a Sitch about Saying Yes and Playing to Find Out 09:28  - Open Your Brain to For the Dungeon 14:18 - Act Under Fire with Plussy the Ork Invading a Castle   Links For the Dungeon Kickstarter...


 2019-05-05  29m

Fellowship 2nd Edition

Timecodes 01:34  - Read a Sitch about collaborative world building 10:40  - Open Your Brain to Fellowship 2nd edition 21:52 - Act Under Fire with Plussy and the Magnetic Forest   Links Fellowship 2e Kickstarter ...


 2019-04-19  43m

Cinematic Roleplaying

Timecodes 7:57 - Star Wars RPGs as a lens for PbtA 13:33 - Pacing 17:24 - Encouraging Buy-in from the group 27:24 - Epilogues 30:25 - When being cinematic might conflict with "the rules" of the game   Links Our website www.gauntlet-rpg.com  ...


 2019-04-13  40m


Timecodes 2:41 - Read a Sitch about adapting licensed properties to PbtA 13:58 - Open Your Brain to Mysthea 30:12 - Act Under Fire with Plussy and the crystal lance   Links Mythsea Kickstarter...


 2019-03-28  55m

The Great American Novel

Timecodes 3:05 - Read a Sitch about Managing Spotlight 9:12 - Open Your Brain to The Great American Novel 23:18 - Act Under Fire for Mom's medicine in Colorado Links The Great American Novel KS...


 2019-03-07  53m