+1 Forward

+1 Forward is a show about games using the Apocalypse Engine. We cover these games in play, and talk about the many flavors of games Powered by the Apocalypse. Each episode will have a discussion about mechanics, as well as an example of play.


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Take an Advance... on Apocalypse World

Rach and Rich bring on Madjay Brown of Diceology and Mark Diaz Truman of Magpie Games to talk about ways to get the best out of an Apocalypse World game. Join us for a deep dive into an RPG we all love. Timecodes: 0:05:29 - Apocalypse World for...



Starting a New PbtA Game

Rach and Rich bring on Paul Beakley of the Indie Game Reading Club blog to talk about ways to kick off a new PbtA game for friends or strangers (who are just friends you haven't met yet)! Timecodes: 0:10:33 - Poll Your Table 0:15:31  - First...




Rach and Rich bring on Jeremy Strandberg to talk about his game Stonetop, which is on Kickstarter until the end of March. Timecodes: 0:01:14  - Read a Sitch about making long-term travel in games fun and meaningful 0:13:04 - Open Your...


 2021-03-18  47m


Rach and Rich bring on Epidiah Ravocol to talk about his game Wolfspell. Timecodes: 0:01:42  - Read a Sitch about how PbtA can help play over the internet! 0:08:29 - Open Your Brain to Wolfspell 0:19:39  - Act Under Fire with two...


 2021-02-25  41m

Back Again from the Broken Land

Rich interviews Alexi Sergeant of Cloven Pines Games about his new Zinequest Kickstarter for Back Again from the Broken Land. Timecodes: 0:01:22 - Read a Sitch about How Best to Ask Questions and Build on the Answers in PbtA games 0:08:16 ...


 2021-02-09  32m


Rach and Rich interview Jess and Alex of Wannabe Games about their game Moonpunk. Timecodes: 0:02:46 - Read a Sitch about using PbtA in the classroom 0:07:11  - Open Your Brain to Moonpunk 0:19:51  - Act Under Fire with Plussy and...


 2021-01-20  44m

Lessons Learned in 2020 and Rich and Rach's 2021 Gamer Resolutions

Rach and Rich talk about the lessons they learned playing and running PbtA games in 2020, and they make their Gamer Resolutions for 2021. Timecodes: 01:41 - Rich's Gaming Highlights 10:17 - Rach's Gaming Highlights 28:13 - Rich's Lessons Learned in...


 2021-01-01  54m

Iron Edda: World of Metal and Bone

Rich interviews Paul Stefko of Nothing Ventured Games about Iron Edda. Timecodes: 0:01:14 - Read a Sitch about converting other RPG settings to PbtA 0:12:37  - Open Your Brain to Iron Edda: World of Metal and Bone 0:21:55  - Act...


 2020-12-21  37m

Trophy Preorder Special

Trophy RPG is now available for preorder! Check out the Trophy preorder store In this special episode Trophy author Jesse Ross sits down with Trophy publisher Jason Cordova to announce the preorders, give an update on the state of the project, and...


 2020-12-03  36m

Season of Dreams

Rich interviews returning guest Blake Ryan about his new Kickstarter Season of Dreams. Timecodes: 0:01:30 - Read a Sitch about checking in with your table to help keep it healthy 0:08:25  - Open Your Brain to Season of Dreams 0:16:55 ...


 2020-12-02  32m