+1 Forward

+1 Forward is a show about games using the Apocalypse Engine. We cover these games in play, and talk about the many flavors of games Powered by the Apocalypse. Each episode will have a discussion about mechanics, as well as an example of play.


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Alphas 2018

Rach comes back from Metatopia 2018 with five stellar interviews with designers of PbtA games in alpha playtest. Timecodes: 04:56 - Taylor with Descent into Midnight 10:24 - Stentor with Get Ready to Rock 15:52 - Iris with Dream of the Empress 22:23...


 2018-12-12  32m


Timecodes: 03:07 - Read a Sitch about solo gaming! 12:58 - Open Your Brain to Ironsworn 31:20 - Act Under Fire... as Plussy tries to protect Gauntlet Village   Links Purchase Ironsworn https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/238369/Ironsworn  ...


 2018-11-24  56m

Thousand Arrows

Rach speaks with Brennan Taylor of Galileo Games! Timecodes 1:01 - Read a Sitch - MCing Hard Moves 6:21 - Open Your Brain to Thousand Arrows 15:24 - Act Under Fire with Hojo Ochiki   Thousand Arrows Kickstarter ...


 2018-11-06  24m


Rich welcomes Mike Espinoza to discuss Nahual 01:51 - Read a Sitch playtesting miniseries games 08:37 - Open your Brain to Nahual 17:13 - Act Under Fire with Massuno the Perro Links Our website www.gauntlet-rpg.com   Our Patreon...


 2018-10-23  38m

We Used to be Friends

Rach welcomes Jonathan Lavallee to the show! 01:16 - Read a Sitch... on collaborative play and shared GMing 11:23 - Open Your Brain... to We Used to be Friends, the ashcan version 24:27 - Act Under Fire... with Rach and Jonathan playing a scene of We...


 2018-10-16  40m

Codex Volume 1 Kickstarter Special

The Gauntlet Gaming Community, which produces this podcast, is launching its very first Kickstarter on October 2nd! We’re raising money to create a beautiful hardcover book collecting the first 13 issues of our zine, Codex. This special podcast...


 2018-10-01  35m

Bedlam Hall

Timecodes: 02:10 - Read a Sitch 07:33 - Open Your Brain 22:32 - Act Under Fire


 2018-09-15  49m

Playing the Apocalypse (Part Two)

Another episode where Rach and Rich answer questions from listeners about playing PbtA games Time Codes: 1:06 - From James Mullen: if the Moves I've picked from a playbook turn out to be sub-optimal for where the story is going, what should I do?...


 2018-08-29  44m

Zombie World

Timecodes: 2:55 - Read a Sitch 16:50 - Open Your Brain 30:22 - Act Under Fire Links Zombie World Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1277034820/zombie-world-a-card-based-tabletop-rpg-of-zombie-h?ref=user_menu   Our website...


 2018-08-09  58m

Custom Moves Make the Game

Guest: Jen of Slugfest Games @halcycat on Twitter Timecodes: 1:33 - What are Custom Moves? 29:22 - Act Under Fire - Making a Custom Move exercise Links: The Story Games "Custom Moves make the game" thread:...


 2018-07-24  51m