+1 Forward

+1 Forward is a show about games using the Apocalypse Engine. We cover these games in play, and talk about the many flavors of games Powered by the Apocalypse. Each episode will have a discussion about mechanics, as well as an example of play.


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The Warren

Rich is joined by Marshall Miller of Fine Mess Games! Introduction Marshall’s start with PbtA games (00:33) Read a Sitch PbtA PbP (01:58) Open Your Brain - The Warren Overview (07:44) Making the rabbits unique (09:56) Retire move (11:10) Panic...


 2017-03-19  32m

World Wide Wrestling

Rich is joined by Nathan Paoletta of NDP Design! Introduction Nathan’s start with PbtA games (00:35) Read a Sitch Handling drop-in/drop-out play (02:56) Open Your Brain - World Wide Wrestling Overview (07:09) The Imaginary Viewing Audience (10:16)...


 2017-03-02  46m


Rich welcomes Mark Richardson of Green Hat Designs! Introduction Mark’s start with PbtA games (00:23) Read a Sitch Sustaining long-term play (01:23) Open Your Brain - Headspace Overview (09:39) Art direction & philosophy (13:28) Act Under Fire...


 2017-02-16  29m


Rich welcomes Chris Longhurst from Certain Death Publishing! Introduction Chris’s start with PbtA (00:26) Read a Sitch The feeling of “doing it wrong” (01:54) Open Your Brain - Pigsmoke Overview (09:11) Advantage & Disadvantage (11:05)...


 2017-01-29  37m

City of Judas

Rich is joined by Davide Pignedoli! Introduction Davide’s start with PbtA (00:23) Read a Sitch Following the Agendas & Principles (01:37) Open Your Brain - City of Judas Overview (06:35) Advantage die (10:37) Counters & Conditions (12:35)...


 2017-01-18  33m

No Country for Old Kobolds

Rich welcomes Steve Wallace to the show! Introduction Steve’s start with Apocalypse World (00:28) Read a Sitch World creation in a Con game (01:58) Open Your Brain - No Country for Old Kobolds Overview (06:43) Some differences with AW (09:10) Fuck...


 2017-01-01  28m

Spirit of 77

Rich sits down with David Kizzia from Monkeyfun Studios! Introduction David’s start with Apocalypse World (00:28) Read a Sitch Designing adventures for PbtA games (02:04) Open Your Brain - Spirit of 77 Overview (07:13) Some differences with...


 2016-12-15  35m

Monsterhearts 2

Rich is joined by Avery Alder from Buried Without Ceremony! Introduction Avery’s start with Apocalypse World (00:28) Read a Sitch Managing emotional bleed (03:22) Open Your Brain - Monsterhearts 2 Overview (15:22) Turn Someone On (19:53) Pulling...


 2016-11-29  38m

Bluebeard's Bride

Rich welcomes Marissa Kelly & Sarah Richardson from Magpie Games! Read a Sitch When and how to trigger moves (00:47) Open Your Brain - Bluebeard’s Bride Overview (04:21) Some differences with Apocalypse World (06:01) Shiver From Fear move...


 2016-11-17  50m


This week, Rich is joined by Brendan Conway from Magpie Games! Introduction Brendan’s start with AW (00:38) Read a Sitch Juggling the spotlight (01:55) Open Your Brain - Masks Overview (10:02) Shifting labels (13:11) Team (17:35) Intent vs action...


 2016-11-03  45m