+1 Forward

+1 Forward is a show about games using the Apocalypse Engine. We cover these games in play, and talk about the many flavors of games Powered by the Apocalypse. Each episode will have a discussion about mechanics, as well as an example of play.


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Legend of the Elements

Rich welcomes Max Hervieux of the Logbook Project. Introduction Max’s start with Apocalypse World (00:24) Read a Sitch Named villains vs. mooks (01:09) Open Your Brain - Legend of the Elements Overview (04:40) Chakras & Chi (05:40) Tags &...


 2016-10-20  30m


Introduction Marissa’s start with Apocalypse World (00:23) Read a Sitch Running one-shots (01:21) Open Your Brain - Epyllion Overview (07:10) Differences with Apocalypse World (07:46) Moon Magic move (08:39) Suitability for younger players (10:24)...


 2016-10-05  42m

Action Movie World

Rich is joined by Ian Williams of Flatland Games. Introduction Ian’s start with Apocalypse World (00:22) Read a Sitch The idea of initiative in Apocalypse World (02:50) Open Your Brain - Action Movie World Overview (09:06) Mechanical differences...


 2016-09-21  41m

Monster of the Week

Introduction Michael’s start with Apocalypse World (0:23) Read a Sitch Snowballing moves (01:32) Night Witches (04:41) Open Your Brain Overview (08:05) Luck and other key differences with Apocalypse World (09:40) Use Magic (13:33) Resurrection...


 2016-09-07  32m

Velvet Glove

This week, Rich welcomes Sarah Richardson from Magpie Games! Warning: this episode has some mild adult content.  Introduction Sarah’s start with Apocalypse World (00:27) Read a Sitch Making memorable NPCs (02:10) Open Your Brain - Velvet Glove...


 2016-08-24  24m

Night Witches

Rich is joined by Jason Morningstar from Bully Pulpit Games. Introduction Jason’s start with Apocalypse World (00:24) Read a Sitch Exploring gendered moves in Sagas of the Icelanders (02:07) Open Your Brain - Night Witches Overview (06:47) Marks...


 2016-08-10  42m

The Sprawl

Rich is joined by Hamish Cameron, author of The Sprawl! Introduction Hamish’s introduction with PbtA (00:28) Read a Sitch The power of XP rewards (01:42) Open Your Brain - The Sprawl Overview (04:20) Can I play an orc? (04:58) Influences (05:24)...


 2016-07-27  24m

Uncharted Worlds

Rich welcomes Sean Gomes, the creator of Uncharted Worlds!    Introduction Sean’s gateway to PbtA (00:36) Read a Sitch Trusting players with narrative authority (01:56) Open Your Brain - Uncharted Worlds Overview (05:38) Sandbox PbtA...


 2016-07-13  24m

The 'Hood

Introduction How James got his start with PbtA (00:25) Read a Sitch “To do it, do it” (02:29) Open Your Brain - The ‘Hood Overview (09:06) Harm (11:16) Heat (12:50) The Heat to XP connection (16:12) Act Under Fire Easy like Sunday morning...


 2016-06-29  31m

Sagas of the Icelanders

Introduction Gregor’s start with PbtA games (00:22) Read a Sitch Combat in Apocalypse World (00:54) Open Your Brain - Sagas of the Icelanders Overview (06:00) The role of gender in the game (08:41) Distinction between male and female moves (12:30)...


 2016-06-15  27m