Espresso With Love

???????? Listen to "Espresso With Love" and Wake Up With A Smile!! Every Monday at 6AM EST! 15min of motivation, accountability and a ton of love! Jump your start your week with DISCO.


episode 168: Episode 168 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

???????? Imagine if there was one single thing you can do to turn all your negative output and frustrations into energy that would simply disappear instead of coming back to haunt you. Would you use of it or would you rather continue looking weak? Let’s find out...


 2021-04-19  14m

episode 169: Episode 169 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

???????? No matter how CRAZY you think I am, I promise I will give you the answer to success this morning...


 2021-04-26  17m