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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming, feature game reviews and discussions.


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episode 217: 1P 216 - Gloomhavens

This episode Julius and I talk Gloomhaven.  Julius has the big giant original game and I have the baby brother Jaws of the Lion.  We talk about the two game and compare them a bit.  Check out what we think in this longer than normal esisode.  Then go lis...



episode 216: 1P 215 - Underwater Cities

This week Julius teaches us about Underwater Cities.  Listen carefully though.. this game is overflowing with ocean puns.  Actually, Julius tossed in more puns than I had realized until I started editing.  I can't fathom how he comes up with them, but re...



episode 215: 1P 214 - Blume

This week's episode gets us outside, figuratively, when Julius tells us about a Kickstarter game he received recently.  This is the very pretty looking Blume. Blume (BGG)



episode 214: 1P 213 - Noctiluca

This week Julius and I talk about Noctiluca.  It's a neat little-ish game about bio-luminescent single-celled organisms.  I argued they are plankton and Julius called them jellyfish.  I won the argument during the show but apparently in scientific circle...



episode 213: 1P 212 - Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion

This week Julius tells us about a Scooby-Doo themed escape room game. I tend to be uninterested in film & tv tie-ins, but this one sounds pretty cool!   WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS ONE.  STOP LISTENING AT 24:45 TO AVOID THE SPOILERS. Scooby-Doo: ...



episode 212: 1P 211 - Flashback: Fire Rescue - a look at expansions

Hot off the heels of the anniversary shows, Julius and I take a look at an older game. The game is Flash Point: Fire Rescue and it has a half dozen or so expansions.  Julius has played this a lot and I've dabbled in it every once in a while.  Listen in a...


 2021-06-19  44m

episode 211: 1P 210 - Happy Anniversary, take 3

Well, this is it.  This is the final episode in the solo podcasting series we've been doing.  This time around we have three more interesting and, again, very unique shows.  This episode runs a bit long but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. 01:52 - Once Upon a D...


 2021-06-12  1h6m

episode 210: 1P 209 - Happy Anniversary, take 2

The anniversary party continues!  This week Julius and I split up to talk to two more solo gaming podcasts.  I am personally enjoying these a lot and really just REALLY LOVE the variety each of the shows brings. They each have their own charm and are rea...


 2021-06-05  48m

episode 209: 1P 208 - Happy Anniversary!

This week is the 10th anniversary of the 1 Player Podcast!  Wow, huh!?  When the show started there wasn't much talk of solo gaming in the podcast world, with at least the notable exception of the EXCELLENT Print and Play podcast which was hosted by FNH1...


 2021-05-29  1h2m

episode 208: 1P PSA - It's Dark This Week

This very special announcement is here just to tell you there is no show this week. Tune back in next week!


 2021-05-22  1m