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episode 182: 1P 182 - 18 Card Microgames

Julius and I spend some time taking a tour of the world of the 18 Card Microgame.  This neat little sub-genre is full of all sorts of neat little games.  These games are usually quick playing and often very creative. (10:10) Sprawlopolis (BGG, Button Shy...



episode 181: 1P 181 - Proving Grounds

Episode 181!  This time we talk about Proofing Grounds... the game of editorial combat.  I wish... that would be cool!  This is Proving Grounds.. the game of gladiatorial combat!  This is a game designed for exactly 1 player.  Julius give us a detailed r...



episode 180: 1P 180 - Oh MyGoods!

We are finally talking about this game that has been.  It's been out for like 5 years waiting, just waiting for me to play and talk about it.  Julius finally pushed me to do it and I've had a great time with it.  Come here what we think about this game. ...



episode 179: 1P 179 - Lockup

Another Roll Player Tale game from Thunderworks Games.  Julius seems to be a big fan of the Roll Player universe so we talk about yet another game in the series.  I think we've got them all.  Unfortuantely, this means we may not hear my cool song again a...



episode 178: 1P 178 - Eck

In today's episode, we ae joined by KarenSDR from the 1 Player Guild to discuss solo trick-taking games!  You'll be surprised just how many trick-taking games can be soloed.  Then we look at one specific trick-taking game, Eck, which is currently part of...



episode 177: 1P 177 - Between Two Cities

Julius and I are between a rock and a hard place on this one.  Between Two Cities is a Stonemaier Games game about building a city while working with your opponents or against two Automa.  It's a neat little tile laying game.   Between Two Cities (BGG, P...


 2020-10-17  37m

episode 176: 1P 176 - SET

Today Julius and I talk about the classic game of SET..  this one is from '88 so yeah, it's pretty much a classic.  It's a light family game that can be played with any number of folks that you can fit around a table, be it one or one thousand, though th...


 2020-10-10  19m

episode 175: 1P 175 - 1 Player Guild

In this episode Julius and I sorta talk about the 1 Player Guild and what it can offer the solo gamer these days.  This show is sorta about nothing. Learn what to guys can do when the show up un-prepared... not much. 1 Player Guild Solo Challenges Collec...


 2020-10-03  21m

episode 174: 1P 174 - Pandemic: Rapid Response

In this episode Julius and I discuss the game Team Pandemic.  Also known as Pandemic: Rapid Response.  This is a hectic timed game in which players are producing plastic cubes to deliver to cities around the world.  Each city has different needs as to wh...


 2020-09-26  34m

episode 88: 1P 173 - Villagers

In this episode Julius and I look what it takes to grow a village.  Turns out isn't that hard and can be done on your own.  The game Villagers is a fun drafting game from Sinister Fish games for 1-5 players.   Villagers (BGG, SInister Fish) Streets by Si...


 2020-09-19  39m