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      211: Program or Be Programmed, with Douglas Rushkoff

      Episode 211 of Smells Like Human Spirit explores our ever-increasing use of technology, in a modern world seemingly obsessed with smartphones and social media. First, Douglas Rushkoff, a highly influential media theorist, author, and Professor of Media Studies at Queens College joins the show. Mr. Rushkoff, the creator of four award-winning PBS "Frontline" documentaries, discusses the impact of modern technologies on communication, the political process, and social progress. In the second ...



      210: Bearing Witness, with Jo McElroy Senecal

      Today's podcast focuses on a topic that many of us would like to avoid discussing - death - or more specifically, the experience of being present in the final moments of someone's life. To do so, Guy Evans is joined by Jo McElroy Senecal, author of the powerful New York Times opinion piece 'Bearing Witness', and counselor and family liaison for a nonprofit organization called the Hole In The Wall Gang Camp. Enjoy!

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      209: Phesto Dee of Souls of Mischief talks his career, innovation in music, social issues facing America, police brutality, the banking system, and more

      Phesto Dee, a member of one of the most respected and revered hip-hop groups of all-time, Souls of Mischief, joins Guy Evans for Episode 209 of SLHS.

      In the first half of the interview, we discuss Phesto's career, his experiences navigating the murky world of music industry politics, and his thoughts on ...



      208: Podcasting about Podcasting, with guest Elsie Escobar

      "[Podcasts] are nothing. [They are] irrelevant. You learn nothing.” - Howard Stern

      Our guest for Episode 208 of Smells Like Human Spirit is the podcaster, yoga lifestyle specialist, and digital media strategist Elsie Escobar. Elsie joined the show to discuss the mainstream's media latest obsession with podcasting, what the future holds for the medium, and why Howard Stern was wrong!

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      207: Director Robert May on the 'Kids for Cash' Scandal

      Today's guest is the noted producer and director Robert May, whose resume includes an executive producer credit on the Oscar Award Winning film ‘The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from The Life of Robert S. McNamara.’

      More recently, Mr. May served as the Director for the 2013 documentary ‘Kids For Cash’ - a piece focusing on the 2008 scandal involving a zero tolerance judge who sentenced some 3,000 children to a private for-pro...



      206: Smells Like Human Spirit Is Back/Thoughts on the 'Podcasting Boom'

      It's official - Smells Like Human Spirit is back!!! In this episode, host Guy Evans discusses his six-month absence from the microphone, and examines the apparent 'podcasting boom' as touted by mainstream and independent media alike. Will the future of podcasting mirror the trajectory of the numerous other new media that came before it? 


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      Smells Like Human Spirit RETURNS on March 2nd!

      Smells Like Human Spirit RETURNS on Monday 3/2!

      Many of you know that I’ve been dealing with a (relatively) severe back issue for the past year or so. The condition became ...



      205: The NFL, Brain Trauma, and Domestic Violence

      It's been a rough couple of weeks for the National Football League. Ever since a sickening video emerged on September 8th of Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancee (now-wife) Janay Palmer, the public outcry over the league’s handling of a series of domestic violence issues has been at fever pitch, even reaching the nation’s highest office. All the while, the looming specter of concussion consequences is generating more discussion than ever regarding the futur...



      204: Scottish Independence

      Tomorrow, Thursday September 18th, voters in Scotland will be asked in a referendum to vote on whether their nation should be an independent country, breaking away from the rest of the United Kingdom. A yes vote would establish a separate Scottish state for the first time since 1707, when a need for economic security resulted in union with England, and the subsequent formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain.


      Despite periods of backlash against the ideology of ...



      203: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

      Throughout July and August of this year, social media users were inundated with an almost constant stream of short videos featuring people from seemingly all walks of life dumping buckets of ice water on their heads. This trend, known as the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge', went viral in an effort to promote awareness for the disease known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. It soon became a most unlikely pop culture phenomenon, with various celebrities, politicians and athletes...