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A show about the internet. And trained rats, time travel, celebrity dogs, lovelorn phone scammers, angry flower children, workplace iguanas, and more. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, from Gimlet.



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    # 94 Obfuscation

    This week, we debut a new segment designed to help you calibrate your anger in a changing world. Plus, how to cloak yourself from all the people who are now allowed to see your internet browsing history.


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    #93 Beware All

    This week, we discover who was actually behind the hack of Alex Blumberg's Uber account. This episode picks up where Episode 91, The Russian Passenger, left off.

    Further Info

    Come see Alex and PJ at The Bell House with Linda Holmes!
    Wirecutter on password managers


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    #92 Favor Atender: The Return

    In the United States, the idea of having a conversation with the President is pretty outlandish. But in Latin America, it’s a regular occurrence. The most accessible president on Latin American social media is Ecuador’s Rafael Correa. But what’s it like to get the attention of a head of state when you may not exactly want it? (NOTE: We first broadcast this story in 2015, but we have since gone back and added a new chapter.)

    This story was originally reported by Silvia Vinas of...


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    #91 The Russian Passenger

    Somewhere in Russia, a man calls for a car. Somewhere in New York City, a stranger's phone buzzes.

    Email us at and use the subject "theory" if you think you can provide us additional information.

    Further reading
    A good article on how and why you should use password managers, and the best password managers out there.

    Further listening

    Simplicity by Macroform


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    #90 Matt Lieber Goes to Dinner

    This week, one man has been warning the world about an impending disaster for years, but no one will listen. Also, Alex makes a dumb decision.

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    W3C's proposed standard
    W3C Director, Tim Berners-Lee, posts "On EME in HTML5"
    Mozilla's blog post "DRM and the Challenge of Serving Users"
    Cory Doctorow's post "The World Wide Web Consortium at a Crossroads: Arms-Dealers or Standards-Setters?"


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    #89 Worldstar

    The unlikely rise of Lee O'Denat, the founder of Worldstar Hip Hop. Also, we reopen a cold case.

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    Q's interview on Shots Fired
    Q's interview on The Champs


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    #88 Second Language

    A new Yes Yes No, plus Sruthi meets her first fully-functional cyborg.

    Further Reading

    Norm Kelly's Twitter
    Eric Valor's Website
    Eric's non-profit Sciopen Research Group


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    #87 Storming the Castle

    This week: Alex meets his hero, the thorn in the side of Dick Dale, GG Allin, and Alex Trebek.

    Further Reading

    Longmont Potion Castle's website
    The Twice Removed podcast
    Nazanin Rafsanjani's Twitter


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    #86 Man of the People

    This week — a new technology falls into the wrong hands.

    Pope Brock's book, Charlatan
    Penny Lane's documentary, Nuts!


    this year

    #85 The Reversal

    For years, Dr. Richard Bedlack has hunted for a cure for ALS, a fatal degenerative disease.  And then one day he builds a website called ALS Untangled. That's when strange things start to happen. Reported by Peter Andrey Smith and Reply All producer Sruthi Pinnamaneni.

    Further Reading

    The ALS Untangled website
    Dr. Richard Bedlack’s ALS Reversals website
    The PatientsLikeMe website
    The ALS TDI website
    Nelda Buss wrote a book, You Can Walk, about her...


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