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"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it. " - The Guardian. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, from Gimlet.



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      #28 Shipped to Timbuktu

      An email to the wrong address sends us hurtling into the world of professional cookie advisors. Plus, a new Yes, Yes, No. This is a rebroadcast of a story.
      Our theme song and scoring is from Breakmaster Cylinder. Ad music is by Build Buildings.

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      #99 Black Hole, New Jersey

      A mysterious thief has been using the internet to steal a bizarre array of items - watches, scooter parts, clown costumes. This week, Alex heads straight towards his hideout.



      #98 Fog of Covfefe

      The last person on earth who has not heard about covfefe walks into a studio, and a strange journey begins.



      #16 Why Is Mason Reese Crying?

      For Jonathan Goldstein, YouTube offers endless nostalgia, but he always finds himself returning to the same subject – a precocious child actor from the early 70’s named Mason Reese. And then a few months ago, new clips of Reese began popping up on YouTube. What’s more, they appeared to be uploaded by Reese himself. Jonathan sets out to discover why – and why now, after 40 years. This is a rebroadcast of a story that originally came out in March of 2015.

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      #97 What Kind Of Idiot Gets Phished?

      This week, Phia wonders what kind of person falls for phishing attacks. Is it only insanely gullible luddites, or can smart, tech savvy people get phished, too? To find out, she conducts an experiment on her poor, unsuspecting coworkers.

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      #96 The Secret Life of Alex Goldman

      Alex agreed to let PJ hack his phone, giving him 24/7 uninterrupted surveillance over his life. This week, everything you can learn about someone who completely surrenders their privacy.



      #95 The Silence in the Sky

      A group of elite scientists prepare for the last conversation humans might ever have. Plus, we meet a corporate attorney who mediates family Thanksgivings.



      #94 Obfuscation

      This week, we debut a new segment designed to help you calibrate your anger in a changing world. Plus, how to cloak yourself from all the people who are now allowed to see your internet browsing history.



      #93 Beware All

      This week, we discover who was actually behind the hack of Alex Blumberg's Uber account. This episode picks up where Episode 91, The Russian Passenger, left off.

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      #92 Favor Atender: The Return

      In the United States, the idea of having a conversation with the President is pretty outlandish. But in Latin America, it’s a regular occurrence. The most accessible president on Latin American social media is Ecuador’s Rafael Correa. But what’s it like to get the attention of a head of state when you may not exactly want it? (NOTE: We first broadcast this story in 2015, but we have since gone back and added a new chapter.)

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