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Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. Every 10 days, a new episode is published that covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content — we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is an independent and non-commercial organization.



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      SE-Radio Episode 303: Zachary Burt on Freelancing as a Career Option

      Felienne interviews Zachary Burt about freelancing as a career option. How does freelancing differ from employment? How to do personal marketing and sales? How to find a work-life balance when you are self-employed? We also cover practical tips like deciding on an hourly rate and managing demanding customers. Related Links   Code for Cash The […]



      SE-Radio Episode 302: Haroon Meer on Network Security

      Founder of Thinkst, Haroon Meer talks with Kim Carter about network security. Topics include how attackers are gaining footholds into our networks, moving laterally, infilling malware and exfilling our precious data; why we care; and clear advice on what we software engineers can do about it. Areas of information security are merging, network security is […]



      SE-Radio Episode 301: Jason Hand on Handling Outages

      Bryan Reinero talks with Jason Hand about handling outages and responding to failures. The episode explores basic problem-solving strategies and diagnostic techniques, organizing teams to address incidents efficiently, communicating with stakeholders, learning from incidents, and managing stress.   Related Links Episode 284 – John Allspaw on System Failures: Preventing, Responding, and Learning From Episode 225 […]



      SE-Radio Episode 300: Jonathan Stark on Mobile App Development

      Nate Black interviews Jonathan Stark on Mobile App development. Topics include: platforms for mobile development, making decisions about how to develop mobile apps, how to deploy mobile apps, native apps vs. progressive web apps, React Native, and the future of mobile applications. Jonathan shares his expert knowledge about the evolution of the mobile ecosystem and […]



      SE-Radio Episode 299: Edson Tirelli on Rules Engines

      Robert Blumen talks to JBoss Drools project lead Edson Tirelli about Rules Engines. The show covers: the nature of business rules; rules and facts; rules and actions; the importance or rules to a business; the structure of a business rule; how many is “a lot” of rules?; communication about rules between the business and software […]



      SE-Radio Episode 298: Moshe Vardi on P versus NP

      Felienne talks with Moshe Vardi about P versus NP. Why is this problem so central to computer science? Are we close to solving it?  Is it necessary to solve it? Progress toward computing hard problems efficiently with SAT solvers.  How SAT solvers work,; applications of SAT like formal verification.   Related Links TU Eindhoven P […]



      SE-Radio Episode 297: Kieren James-Lubin on Blockchain

      Kishore Bhatia talks with Kieren James-Lubin about Blockchains. Topics include Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Distributed Ledger, Decentralized Apps, Ethereum, Smart Contract development with Solidity, ICO’s and Tokens.   Related Links   IEEE search for blockchains Blockchain TED Talk Ethereum Solidity Smart Contracts Truffle for testing Smart Contracts Guest Twitter: Guest Email:



      SE-Radio Episode 296: Type Driven Development with Edwin Brady

      Edwin Brady speaks to Matthew Farwell about Type Driven Development and the Idris Programming language. The show covers: what a type is; static vs dynamic types in programming languages; dependent types; the Idris programming language; why Idris was created. Type safe printf modelling state in Idris modelling protocols in Idris modelling concurrency in Idris type driven development and how it changes the development process. Related […]



      SE-Radio Episode 295: Michael Feathers on Legacy Code

      Felienne talks with Michael Feathers about Legacy Code. When is something legacy? Is working on legacy different from working on greenfield code? Do developers need different skills and techniques? Testing legacy code. How to test a legacy system? When do we have enough tests to feel safe to start coding? Techniques to make legacy systems […]



      SE-Radio Episode 294: Asaf Yigal on Machine Learning in Log Analysis

      Asaf Yigal talks with SE Radio’s Edaena Salinas about machine learning in log analysis. The discussion starts with an overview of the structure of logs and what information they can contain. Asaf discusses what the log analysis process looks like without machine learning — and the role of humans in this – before moving on […]