Podcasters' Roundtable

Discussing the issues that face podcast producers and podcasting. Each Roundtable features a new podcaster from the community of viewers listeners. We talk less about the 'how-to' and more about the 'why.' You'll learn how to improve your podcast through the shared experience of other podcasters.


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episode 133: Turn Off the Mic., There's No Money in Podcasting.

Don't start a podcast in order to make money, there's no here to be made. Or so they say. What does making money in podcasting really mean and is there a chance to earn cash from your podcast? Join Ray, Dave, Daniel, Eric Hunley, James Thomas to...



episode 132: Exclusive Podcasts. An Oxymoron?

Is Apple going to start investing money in original podcasts? Spotify, Luminary, Stitcher, there are plenty of places that have podcasts that can only be consumed on a their own platform. Is that really a podcast? Does it matter if it's not? ...


 2019-07-27  1h31m

episode 131: How Many Podcasts Are There?

How many podcasts are in Apple Podcasts/iTunes and how many of those podcasts are actually producing regular episodes? Join Ray, Dave, and Daniel to talk about the number of podcasts you are sharing real estate with and what it means to podfade. You...


 2019-07-02  1h18m

episode 130: Is Your Podcast Searchable?

Podcasts, along with podcast audio players, are now surfacing in Google searches. Can yours be found? What exactly are these searches turning up and are they useful to your show? Join Ray, Dave, and Evo Terra to talk about this new way to find...


 2019-06-03  1h36m

episode 129: Is Your Podcast Everywhere?

Can your podcast be found anywhere people are looking for your podcast? How about places they aren't looking for traditionally defined podcasts (read: YouTube)? Where do you put your podcast? What platforms that support audio do you ignore or resist?...


 2019-04-30  1h18m

episode 128: At What Speed Do You Listen?

PS, there's only one real answer;) #purist Watch this Round on YouTube and subscribe to know when we're live! Subscribe ✅ http://youtube.com/podcastersroundtable Join the Roundtable at podcastersroundtable.com/guest


 2019-04-09  1h10m

episode 127: Podcast Myths

Do Apple Podcasts ratings and reviews move your podcast up the ‘charts?' Can you use copyrighted music as long as it’s only a few seconds? Is YouTube is a bad place to put your podcast? Some of these you've heard, some of these you think are...


 2019-03-18  1h11m

Are You Feeling Burned Out?

Have you podfaded, feeling like you're close or maybe wish you could take a break? Starting a podcast is not the hardest part, keeping going is. How do we deal with the constant grind of content production? Join Ray, Dave, and Bandrew (aka Podcastage)...


 2019-02-25  1h9m

episode 125: Is Your Podcast Launch Freaking You Out? Chill Out.

Join Ray, Dave, Ginger Wiseman, and Emily Prokop to discuss podcast 'launches' (do they matter?), podcast artwork, how important is it, and more ways that tech is trying to 'solve' discovery. Podcasters' Roundtable on YouTube 


 2019-02-05  1h22m

 2019-01-21  1h4m