2.5 Admins

2.5 Admins is a podcast featuring two sysadmins called Allan Jude and Jim Salter, and a producer/editor who can just about configure a Samba share called Joe Ressington. Every two weeks we get together, talk about recent tech news, and answer some of your admin-related questions.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 30m. Bisher sind 110 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 2 days 7 hours 11 minutes


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2.5 Admins 109: Selling Technical Debt

Why solving network congestion issues is so difficult, our thoughts on DNS privacy, an unwise use case for 32-bit Linux, and PoE injectors vs switches.   Discussion The Math Proves It—Network Congestion Is Inevitable   Free Consulting We were asked abo...



2.5 Admins 108: dQw4w9WgXcQ

Why modern interfaces suck, the reasons we don’t recommend Cloudflare, and backups for beginners. With guest host Gary from Linux Downtime (and Pidgin).   News/discussion Blocking Kiwifarms The modern OS desktop is a crime against humanity Rick Astley ...



2.5 Admins 107: s/smart//g

Why the W3C is struggling to move to HTTPS by default and follow-up on Certbot, monitoring, and Silverlight. Plus buying enterprise switches.   News/discussion W3C’s planned transition to HTTPS stymied by legacy laggards   Free Consulting We were asked...



2.5 Admins 106: Wrap Your Deenis

A big change is coming to Windows licensing for VMs, Google changes the rules around VPNs on Android, and solving a DoH problem.   Plugs Support us on patreon EuroBSDCon Sept 15-18 Vienna, Austria – Allan will be speaking about making ZFS scale for NVM...



2.5 Admins 105: Old Men Yell at Cloud

The pros and cons of  using email aliases, an Internet hero scratches his own itch, Jim and Allan yell at the cloud, and choosing a firewall distro.   News/discussion The Security Pros and Cons of Using Email Aliases Man who built ISP instead of paying...


 2022-08-25  30m

2.5 Admins 104: Bathtub Map

Amazon is acquiring lots of home floor plans, Google will let politicians spam its Gmail users, burning in new drives, and ZFS scrub best practises.   Plugs Support us on patreon EuroBSDCon Sept 15-18 Vienna,


 2022-08-19  29m

2.5 Admins 103: AAD the SQL

Good and bad from Meta/Facebook, data centres in London are hogging all the power, separating databases from applications, picking a DB, and more. With guest host Gary from Linux After Dark.   Plugs Support us on patreon   News It’s time to leave the l...


 2022-08-11  31m

2.5 Admins 102: Admins After Dark

The consequences of accrued technical debt and how to avoid it, a serious security issue in Confluence, Proxmox’s poor ZFS config, and more. With guest host Gary from Linux After Dark.   Plugs Support us on patreon   News Linux x86 32-bit Is Vulnerable...


 2022-08-04  29m

2.5 Admins 101: Atomic Database

Jim and Allan’s thoughts on GitHub Copilot, why you can’t take the bar exam on modern Intel hardware, and database VM snapshot consistency.   Plugs Contributing to Open Source: Beyond Software Development Support us on patreon   News/discussion GitHub ...


 2022-07-28  29m

2.5 Admins 100: ????

More on abandoned hardware, central auth, Internet Explorer, Antivirus, monitoring, speed testing, and more.   Plugs Watch Jim and Allan’s webinar: Getting started with bhyve Support us on patreon   Things mentioned: End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announc...


 2022-07-22  30m