21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

The world of work is changing. Our attitudes to work are changing. The 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at different ways of earning a living, of using technology at work and of managing teams. If you're working in a conventional office, if you're part of a virtual team or if you just want to find out how our attitudes to work keep evolving, join Pilar Orti and guests every week. And if you're working in a virtual team or are a remote worker, pop in every other week for virtual coffee with Lisette Sutherland - she's got great advice for you! Pilar Orti blogs at Virtual, not Distant.


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episode 27: Tracking Results

Monitoring progress in your virtual team


 2015-04-17  1h5m

episode 26: Tripbod

00:30 Pilar talks a bit about how online communities have helped her build relationships and how many businesses are now relying on communities to sell their products. 07:30 Sally describes what Tripbod is and how the company evolved. 12:25 The...


 2015-04-10  37m

episode 25: Remote Working: Blessing or Curse?

A light look at virtual working.


 2015-04-03  58m

episode 24: Language Localisation

00:30 Pilar introduces the podcast, talking a bit about her own experience dubbing e-learning and corporate videos. She has a few tips for you if you're creating products/training to reach your global employees. (For script visit...


 2015-03-27  50m

episode 23: Collaboration Tools

Helping you choose the tools for virtual team


 2015-03-20  1h10m

episode 22: Thoughts from the NoPants festival

For more thoughts on this festival and to see the slides from the talk Virtual, not Distant, visit http://virtualnotdistant.com/no-pants-festival-reflections/


 2015-03-16  21m

episode 21: Hassan Osman and the Couch Manager

Today's guest covers a wide range of subjects: why he set up his blog The Couch Manager, why everyone should set up a blog for professional, personal and financial reasons and we even talk about failure. He's very recently (yesterday!) set up...


 2015-03-13  48m

episode 20: The Role of the Virtual Team Leader

In this episode, we tried something a little bit different. Lisette and I "hanged out" with Phil Montero from The Anywhere Office and talked about the role of the leader and the manager in virtual teams. Most of the conversation involved identifying...


 2015-03-06  1h0m

episode 19: Team Retrospectives

Today's episode includes a Virtual Coffee with Lisette, where we talk about how to organise and lay down the foundations for useful team retrospectives. (We are borrowing the main aspects from the Agile world.) 00: 30 Pilar has some updates,...


 2015-02-27  58m

episode 18: Mariano Tufro and Global Leadership

00:30 Pilar recommends a TED talk by Ricardo Semler. (transcript can be found in wlpodcast.com)09:30 Mariano talks about Agility, Mindfulness, Global Teams and Connectivity as four crucial aspects of modern leadership development. 14:20 Reassesing...


 2015-02-20  48m