25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade

Join us in our weekly reviews of White Wolf releases over the last 25 years. Bob, Brennan, Chris, Mike, and Nick review the Classic World of Darkness books for White Wolf Publishing's games, Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and Wraith: the Oblivion, in chronological order. They combine their passion for the game with a dose of in-depth knowledge to help you decide which books to buy and which books to skip. VTM25 is the premiere White Wolf podcast!


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Deep Dive with 25: Kindred of the East Part Four

Dharmas and the Great Principle. The pursuit and insights to the Kindred of the East.CreditsOriginal Concept and Design: Robert HatchAdditional Design: Phil Brucato, Jackie Cassada, Mark Cenczyk, Nicky ReaAuthors: Justin Achilli, Phil Brucato, Jackie...


 2020-11-16  1h21m

episode 7: Valkenburg Foundation - Episode 7

The lunatics are running the asylum in the Valkenburg Foundation! Also, we have a special guest that brings a fresh perspective!CreditsAuthors: Bill Bridges, Phil Brucato, J. Morrison, William Spencer-Hale, Richard StrongPlaytesters: Les Brooks, Alan...


 2020-11-13  1h13m

episode 6: Ways of the Wolf - Episode 6

We howl at the moon and run through the forest to get into the Lupus mindset in Ways of the Wolf. Do you like Lupus? Think they are playable? Let us know what you think!CreditsAuthor: Steve CrowAdditional Material: Karen HoltherDevelopment: Bill...


 2020-11-06  1h25m

Deep Dive with 25: Kindred of the East Part Three

We talk Yama Kings and political things. Check it out!Purchase it here: Kindred of the East(https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/2552/Kindred-of-the-East?affiliate_id=268487)


 2020-11-02  1h3m

episode 5: Rage Across New York - Episode 5

Hey folks join us as we take a bite out of the Big Apple in Rage Across New York!CreditsAuthor: Daniel GreenbergEditing: Rob HatchDevelopment: Bill BridgesLayout: Sam ChuppArt Director: Richard ThomasArt: John Bridges, Joshua Gabriel TimbrookMaps:...


 2020-10-30  1h14m

25 Years Special - Werewolf: the Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest

Hey, folks please join Bob and Nick as they review Werewolf: the Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest. Give it a listen and if you played the game please reach out and tell us what you think!Genre: Visual Novel, Adventure, RPGDeveloper:Different...


 2020-10-26  31m

episode 4: Rite of Passage - Episode 4

Everyone join us this week as we tackle Rites of Passage. Is it worth it? Listen and find out!CreditsSam ChuppWilliam HaleRob HatchPurchase it here!


 2020-10-24  52m

Deep Dive with 25: Kindred of the East Part Two

Hey folks! We are back with part two of a special in-depth look at Kindred of the East as part of our special series Deep Dive with 25. We are presenting the first book for free to all of our fans!Purchase it here: Kindred of the...


 2020-10-18  1h18m

episode 3: Werewolf: the Apocalypse 1st Edition Part Three - Episode 3

Hey folks, join us as we wrap up Werewolf: the Apocalypse 1st ed! We go deep on character creation, storytelling, and the Tellurian, as presented in this edition. As always, let us know what you think!CreditsDesign: Mark Rein• HagenDevelopment: Robert...


 2020-10-16  1h31m

Werewolf: the Apocalypse 1st Edition Part Two - Episode 2

Hey, folks, we have part two of Werewolf: the Apocalypse were we go deep on the Tribes of the Garou Nation and the Litany as presented in this edition. Hit us up with what you think about them!CreditsDesign: Mark Rein• HagenDevelopment: Robert Hatch,...


 2020-10-09  1h26m